The Ann Patchett Bookseller

How interesting would it be if all authors had their own independent bookstore, similar to all American presidents have their own libraries?

Part of this idea came true this year as author Ann Patchett opened her own independent bookstore in Nashville, Tennessee. I first read about the new bookstore, named Parnassus Books, on a NPR report, which you can find here. For me Patchett hit a home run with her opening as a way to support all independent bookstore that are struggling across the country.

Then I started thinking about what historical authors I would have liked to see open a bookstore. The first author that came to mind was Charles Dickens. I can imagine that his bookstore would be old, dark, but beautiful in a very blue collar way. Other than Dickens I would also like to see the library of H.P. Lovecraft, although I do not think he would have a children’s section and he might not like customers in general. I don’t think he was a people person, which might not be good for business.

Please tell us some of your favorite authors who you would like to see open their own bookstore.


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